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Welcome to Minnirella Magazine

Welcome to Minnirella Magazine! Our daily fashion and lifestyle editorial is here to inspire, educate and entertain. It's the perfect destination to indulge in aspirational and aesthetically-pleasing content, as well as a healthy dose of luxury.

The Official Magazine of Minnirella

Minnirella Magazine is the official editorial of - a luxury independent fashion brand, with a focus on quality craftsmanship and reducing textile waste.

Creating Couture: Designing for the Women of a New Generation

Our Mission

Minnirella Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine for the stylish, independent woman, who prefers to digest life in an aesthetically-pleasing way! Our aim is to inspire and educate our readers to do amazing things and to live their best, most positive lives! We're not all about fashion though. We like to cover a diverse range of topics, ranging from global issues, travel, business and beauty.



Luisa Kearney is the editor-in-chief of Minnirella Magazine and founder of Minnirella. With over 13 years experience working in the fashion industry in a variety of sectors, including: publishing, design, personal styling, editorial styling, localisation, blogging and copywriting for some of the world's biggest brands, Luisa set up Minnirella (the fashion brand) and Minnirella Magazine in 2014 - providing you with the very best in fashion and luxury living.